When Joy Becomes You

Lately I have been spending a fair amount of time photographing others either in their moments of genuine joy or in the very least, moments of their pretend-joy.

Whilst I was doing this, I had an epiphany. I realised that the more I tried capturing the joy in others in an effort to pass the photographic documentation of the same to them to use and cherish, the lighter I felt. In fact, after about two weeks of doing this every single day I started experiencing a warm, fuzzy, floaty feeling inside. I find it easier to laugh these days. I find that things that used to frustrate and annoy me endlessly have begun bothering me less. I find that I have become readier to embrace a ‘live and let live’ frame of mind.

That is when it struck me that there is so much truth in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s saying that ‘a man is what he thinks about all day long‘. Quite simply, the more I pursue joy, the more joy has become me. Now, isn’t that the most wonderful thing in the world?



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