Lindsay, Paul & Baby Hazel: ‘Totally Owning It’

About two months ago, when I checked in with Paul as to how fatherhood was treating him, he said he was ‘totally owning it’. A week ago when I met his beautiful family for a beach photoshoot I knew that he meant every word, though I must say Lindsay seemed to have it a little more together than Paul did! 😉 Between them I know they are going to raise a wonderful daughter.



Hazel is lucky to have a set of parents who smother her with love and affection.

Parents who will stand by her side when she takes her first steps.

A daughter’s first love is her dad, the man who will (over)protect her but at the same time allow her to have it her way every time.



It is her mother though who will teach her to be thoughtful, kind, confident and independent, very much in the mother’s own image.


Throw in many other relatives and loved ones who will spoil her rotten and she is quite the little beach princess alright!



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